Color Doppler

Doppler Is Generally Non-Invasive Test. This test is generally very easy which gives the Fast Results. In Basic, Our Arteries And Veins Have The Capacity For Flow Of Blood. beyond The Capacity It May Bulge And Leakage Due To Factors Like Increased Simple Words, In Doppler Test, We Can Measure The Flow Of Blood In Veins And Arteries.

It Is Mainly Used For The Testing Of The Deep Vein Thrombosis (Dvt) .in Case Of The Deep Vein Thrombosis, there Are Clots Which Are Present In The Deep Of The Body. these Blood Clots Can Travel Through The Body To Brain And Lungs. In Some Patients, These Clots Are Life-Threatening.
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Color Doppler Test:

Why do you need a Color Doppler test?
Doppler Test Done to Diagnose the

  • Blood Clots.
  • Blocked Arteries And Veins.
  • Bulging Arteries And Veins.
  • For The Narrowing Of The Arteries, It Can Be Possible In Case If Neck.
  • Leakage In Vessels.
    any Changes In The Blood Flow Of Body Part After Surgery.
  • Changes In Blood Flow Of Pregnant Women During Pregnancy.
  • Inflammation In The Leg Or Hand.

Procedure For Doppler Test:
During The Doppler Ultrasound, The Doctors use small devices which are called the Transducer. In the test, the transducer is placed in the area of the Body Part Examined. For Doppler Ultrasound On Your Abdomen And Renal, You Must Have Fasting For Test.
Various Types Of Doppler test Performed at Sunrise Diagnostic

  • Obstetric
  • Scrotal
  • Single Limb (Hand Or Leg)
  • Renal
  • Carotid

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